Wednesday, June 6

The 5 Essential Relationships

The 5 essential relationships:

The loyal partner: When we see the word loyal in conjunction with a significant other we automatically assume that it means not to cheat. Well, I won’t state the obvious because the expectation of a loyal partner in that sense should be a given. The loyal partner is the one with the most endurance. The one who will never shy away from telling you the truth with love yet the one who is there through the nitty gritty. What’s that? I never thought you’d ask. The nitty gritty is past the honey moon stage and fronts that happen when we aren’t as close to an individual. The nitty gritty stage blatantly points out and reminds both that a relationship isn’t always a walk in the park, but it takes some over pour as well. Through the rain the loyal partner will still recognize the sunshine and remind all of it. Through the rain, they will ‘pass you their personal rain coat’ and support you to the best of their ability. The loyal partner deserves your lifetime.

The honest friend: This isn’t your ol’ wind of the mill friend. This friend is straight up. The one who virtually smacks you into wake up mode when need be. Sure to never publically humiliate, this is the friend you can see as your best man or woman. They are your ride or die. They’ll tell you the honest truths that no one else would dare tell you to your face, and give enough love and support to resolve the issues, or encourage your inner strength. Although the honest friend tells it like it is, there are no motives or incentives tied to their friendship with you. They will pray with you, never pray. And as it should be, they stay.

The unreserved family member: When making a reference to a family member, it does not have to be blood. This person just has had to have been around long enough to know you before you were the now you. The one who has been with you at your very worst. The one who’s known about each of your failed relationships, that weird thing you used to do when you were little and was probably present for your most embarrassing moment (of life). The irreplaceable value of the unreserved family member is that they will keep you grounded and humble. They’re the second guessers of your life, but needed no less. They’re the ones you forgive and keep close no matter what because you love them enough to understand them, as they do you.

The relationship with God: People who don’t have a close relationship with God tend to think there’s some religious aspect to this, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A relationship with God permits fluent conversation with Him. It’s the point that one realizes and appreciates that at no point are they alone. A relationship with God administers a peace profound, yes, even through the storms that the loyal partner is not present to pass their rain coat. This is the most important relationship because if any of the other ones lack or disappear; this one is ALWAYS alive within. Some of us just need to wake up to Him. (Not the other way around.)

The love for yourself: To know you is to love yourself. To love you is to be able to appropriately love others. The self demands stillness, care, tranquility, and above all, love. The love one has for their self is transpired to just about every area of their life. It plays into their self respect and the respect of others. It administers into their intimate relationships and gives and individual the courage to leave when they should not stay. The love for self says NEVER to abuse or stagnation. The love for self is a push when it seems that every barrier has come against you. The love for self looks in the mirror naked and says, “I am not what the media wants me to be, I am me. And I am special enough to wait for.” The love for self allows days of rest and also days of child like play.

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