Wednesday, June 27

Who Lied To You?

Who lied to you and told you that you had to be perfect to come to God?

A friend of mine once said "I am not ready because I'm not ready to live my life like that."

Like what?

There's this strong misconception that one has to COME cleansed but that is an upright LIE! The Lord says "come as you are!"

Allow me to tell yall what that means.

That means broken, broke, abused, addicted, boisterous, cunning, deceiving, fraudulent, hopeless, insecure, jacked up, killer, sinner, lustful, knocked up, liar, hurt, used, bruised, backslider, opportunist, drug dealer, prostitute, and everything in between.

You come willing and He will do the rest. Know that it's going to take work, and a surpassing faith but He will bring comfort, peace, healing and restoration to every area of your life and the lives of your family if you trust Him enough to say "I can't do this without You" and then obey.

What are you waiting for? There's no mess too big or no heart too broken for God.

It's not a sprint. It's a marathon. Keep Going!


alyrical gowdy said...

I love it sis! So many people feel that they have to come perfectly healed to comte Him when its actually the opposite He is the one that heals you. And look at some christians and assume the lead and have a perfect life and that we dont struggle....WRONG!!!

Muzik said...

The problem I have with this whole "come as you are" thing is that it only seems like that with God. Oh course, thank God the only person we have to honor is Him thank God. Dealing with Christians or anyone from the church makes it difficult to come to know God because we feel like we are not good enough. As much as church folk try to convince you to come to know God as you are today, how much do they really mean that? Do they really think that our lives are going to switch like a light switch? No. It does not work like that for the most part. It takes time, lots of time. Instead of them allowing God to work through you to make the changes, they judge or think that you are not Christian enough. Those are the things that drive people from knowing God. Of course the only person we have to worry about pleasing is God, but let keep it authentic every one wants to be accepted on their faith walk by others with like mines.

I have come to realize these days that even if I do not go to church or congregate with church folk, my relationship with God will not change. Perhaps some day I will make my way back. For now, I will just continue to praise Him the way I do. Perhaps God will place something over me and I will return someday...

Paloma 'GorgeousInside' Duran said...

@Muzik You made some very profound statements! They are also how MANY people trying to get to know God feel. It's so unfortunate how people who claim to love the Lord don't truly love all of his people. Only by the grace of God can people change over night, not the judgement of others. The opinion of others may make a temporary impact but the love of God will transform.

I, like you, have learned to stop listening to the critics...I am also learing how to stop listening to the apploud as well. Just trying to keep my heart, mind and soul on God. All that matters in the end is His "well done."

Thank you so much for sharing your testimony.