Wednesday, February 13

Social Media Fast: February 20th-27th

It's no secret that social media has taken the world by storm. Checking our social outlets has almost become second nature for many. Just as the smoker of twenty years will say, 'sometimes it comes without thought'. That is where we come into dangerous territory.  Over the last couple of years I've seen this common trend of people choosing to ‘ Facebook’ their problems before facing them. Every few months or so, the Lord will put in my heart to back away from the public for a while. This time it goes way beyond me. I am inviting you, friend, to join us.

Most studies show that to break a habit it takes approximately thirty days. All we’re encouraging is seven. Seven days to not put your feelings and happenings out there to others. Seven days to be ‘out of the loop’. Seven days to get back to focus.

“What should you do in these seven days?”
-Use this time to spend more time with the Lord by reading his Word
-Read those books that you've been meaning to get to
-Build and/or develop your business plan
-Each time that you need to get something out, write it down or call your accountability partner (below)
-Make those steps that you've been meaning to make before social media ADD got ya
-Get to movin'! Take that jog, go visit that old friend or family member...
-Cleanse your spirit, follow your heart

“How is this possible? I can easily change my password and go back on.”
That’s why we are encouraging you to get an accountability partner. This is the person who will change your passwords (Facebook, twitter, etc) and not give it to you until the end the seven days are up. This is also someone who you can call for encouragement and/or prayer. Make sure that your accountability partner is someone that you trust, as I know some of these outlets can hold some personal information. (To be safe, I encourage you all to first remove any and all things that you don’t want anyone seeing.)

As for the apps such as Instagram, delete them off of your mobile device. It’s easy and prevents you from going on there without thought. When the week is over you can simply download the app again and use your old information.

What social media applies?
So happy you asked. Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Instragram, Youtube, Tumblr, online instant messaging and any other game apps that open a window for mass communication.

We will begin on February 20th and go through February 27th. After the seven days are done, we want to know how this social media fast went. What did you learn and how much more you got done.

Even if you believe that this is something that you personally do not need or absolutely cannot participate in due to work, please share it with others. As you do not know who may be blessed with this opportunity.  


Kenneth Vance said...
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Kenneth Vance said...

I WILL be participating sis...thx for your Godly leadership on this.

Paloma Duran said...

God bless you family. We are in this together! I usually do these alone or with one accountability partner, but He put it in my spirit that there's many people that can benefit from such a fast.

Raven J. said...

Man....I wish I'd seen this last week!!!

daniel padaplin said...

This is so true. From what I've observed people choose to Facebook their problems because they don't have the strength to face it in reality. They used social media sites to express their feelings if no one is there at the time they need someone to talk to. This is commonly happened to people that are addicted to social media sites.

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